Risk Management

We work with our clients to identify the operational risks and develop plans  to minimize or eliminate their negative impacts.

We use PMBOK  project management tools and methods to plan and execute projects within approved budgets and schedules for our clients.

Project Management

Our clients look to us for planning and execution of systemic change by using BPM, lean, supply chain, KPIs, financial tools and processes.

Operations Solutions

Project Management
Operations Management

Strategic Planning

We facilitate a process to hyper focus resources to achieve a greater ROI by Strategic visual harvesting a road map to a future state of the organization.

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Visual Harvest

We have deep expertise and a proven track record in a broad range of industries including: Healthcare, Defence, Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturers and Information Technology.

We provide our clients solutions using proven processes, tools and techniques that include:

Risk Management

ISO Solutions

We help our clients meet global standards so they can win new business, improve management information systems and enhance productivity.

ISO Solutions
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On behalf of the SBA-Canada Executive Team, I want to thank you once again for the session.  The format, structure and process you took us through was a great way for us to zero in on exactly what the SBA is, what it needs to achieve and how it needs to meet its short and long term goals.                                                                       Joe A, CEO

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We work with, For Profit and Not For Profit clients from the front line to the board room. We develop, successful and useful multi-year strategic plans, or product and service strategies to overcome immediate and pending challenges. The Strategic Consulting Group provides a comprehensive range of strategic business services throughout Canada and the USA. 

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